About DataSub

Since 2008 Data Subsystems, Inc., a Florida Corporation, has provided businesses with digital transformation and has helped hundreds of clients all over the world.

DataSub’s Mission

Our mission is to help clients increase the profitability of their business and the quality of their work using the most efficient technologies including modern platforms.

We provide a wide spectrum of IT solutions for clients, including the development of our own cutting-edge digital products.

DataSub's Team

Our experienced specialists include: front-end and back-end developers, system architects, system administrators, creative designers, and testers.

DataSub specializes in a number of platforms and a wide range of solutions which include: Shopify, WordPress, fintech, startups, corporate portals, progressive web applications, and integrations.

Our story began when Alex Shortov founded a startup in the United States with an international team of highly experienced developers.

DataSub’s main objective was to offer “enterprise-grade” custom IT solutions to clients and fill a market niche between individual freelancers and large IT organizations.

DataSub managed to combine expert-level development, with quick work delivery at a significant value. Since then DataSub has become a competitive medium-sized company with a growing team of experts as well as its own products.


Advantages of Working With DataSub:

The DataSub team is comprised of competent experts from different countries who think outside the box and are committed to what they do.

We bring new ideas and methods to expand and accomplish the client’s vision.

We are cognizant of client costs and provide a working and qualitative MVP as soon as possible. We adhere to the CI/CD approach.

DataSub provides post-development maintenance and support as well as continuing working on new product updates at the request of the client.

As a mid-sized company, we are accommodating and attentive to client ideas as well as making necessary changes to a project’s milestones for the best possible outcome for product success.

Communication between our team and the client is ongoing throughout the entire development process. Our clients are fully involved at all development stages and are always updated on the project’s progress.

Datasub’s Five Corporate


Think and Work Outside the Box

We differentiate our workflow from the cookie-cutter or conveyor-belt approach by creating unique solutions tailored to the specificity of the client's business.

The DataSub team utterly rejects a conveyor-belt-like approach to our client services and solutions.

One size does not fit all, and we believe in personalized and unique technological solutions for each specific client’s business needs.


Full Integration with a Client’s Business

DataSub’s development team of specialists can achieve any online business's technological and/or marketing goals.

Our team works collaboratively on all client projects. Working this way allows us to allocate our experts from various specialties to accommodate the demands of any project.

DataSub provides full development support: from architecture to full implementation, including support administration.

DataSub’s multidisciplinary team of experts can actualize the technological and marketing goals for any online business.

Our experts have specialized experience in each step of project implementation, from system architecture and design to full implementation and support administration.

DataSub’s teamwork approach to projects offers clients expertise in all areas, collaboration, and innovative thinking across the board.


Horizontal Management Structure

From product development, implementing modifications, or providing support, all matters are discussed internally by DataSub’s entire work team.

Each DataSub employee receives direct feedback from our CEO regarding business process optimization, recommendations, and suggestions.

At DataSub, each team member receives direct feedback from our CEO including suggestions about business process optimization.

DataSub’s solutions to product development, content development, project modifications and support are discussed inside our work team, and we believe in collaboration at all levels as opposed to a top-down hierarchy.

The best solutions are generated from teamwork. We value our team and our clients!


Utilize Cutting-Edge Technologies

DataSub’s development team is certified and trained in the latest cutting-edge technologies to develop our clients’ software and solutions.  

Our specialists are experts in cloud computing, Shopify, Fintech, integrations, WordPress, corporate portals, and many other technologies.

DataSub’s team is certified and trained in the latest cutting-edge technologies to develop our clients’ software and solutions.

We are experts in cloud computing, Shopify, fintech, integrations, WordPress, corporate portals and other areas.


Long-term Cooperation and Support

One of our principles is not only to deliver a fantastic solution for our clients but also to establish long-term collaborative client relationships.

Whether it’s providing ongoing technical support or consulting for future technology development and online marketing strategies, we want to help clients realize their project and grow it even further.

It is important to the DataSub team not just to deliver a solution now, but also to provide long-term support for our clients.

DataSub clients benefit from our experts’ strategic consulting services, including ongoing suggestions for technological and ecommerce solutions, and recommendations on how to build each client’s online presence.

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