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Enterprise level custom solutions for small and medium business

We have been providing Value Added Services since 2008

We can create a custom solution to your exact specification, working with popular front-end languages and bringing your ideas and vision for your application to life. From development to design, we’ve got it all covered. We will select the ideal database, language and structure for your particular specifications. We adhere to your needs, maintaining code quality, complete integration, as well as object-oriented CSS standards for even large projects.


In Data Subsystems we pride ourselves in being experts in such fields as Fintech, E-commerce, Data Science and AI, providing complete custom integrated business solutions.


About Us

Data Subsystems Inc. is a company working in 4 dimensions. These 4 are: price, cost, sales, quality. Quality parameter is the only one constant in our success equation.

At the times company was started the level of this parameter was set as high and this has not changed ever since. However gradual rise in the amount of business greatly increased the set of services this quality is applied to. Today Data Subsystems Inc. provides broad range of IT services including fully-operational business management system, internet marketing, web design, hosting and much much more.

Our solid philosophy of continious search of business optimization solutions is exactly what makes Data Subsystems Inc. one of the robust growing companies in the industry.

This is when the other two parameters of our company development come in to play. Every single effort is made to maximize cost efficiency and so make our product even more affordable. Combined with the high standards of quality this is what our clients really appreciate. Below we uncover what allows Data Subsystems Inc. to develop itself by leaps and bounds.

Professional management.

Co-location and hosting data center.

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