Custom Software Development for Fintech Online Services and APIs

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DataSub’s Fintech Software Development Solutions Include:

Scalable Transaction Processing at Peak Capacity

We design our Fintech applications to operate efficiently even with significant data volume. Our Fintech software development solutions can easily accommodate real-time dynamic transaction procession for millions of users.

Amazon Cloud Based Architecture Design (AWS)

We use AWS to build the most secure, high-performance, flexible, and efficient infrastructure for Fintech applications

Custom Payment Gateways

A custom payment gateway solution can provide several key benefits for your business, which includes:

  • Owning a payment gateway can enable you to become a provider, giving you the opportunity for additional revenue by charging registration fees as well as transaction fees from other merchants.
  • Immediate reduction in payment processing fees.
  • An ideal solution custom-tailored for your business.
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Modern APIs

In today’s Fintech marketplace, APIs enable the development of financial apps and services to be quicker, simpler, and cheaper than ever before.

The benefits of using APIs in Fintech development include:

  • Faster time to market.
  • Limiting the amount of duplication which can result during the building and development of products and services.
  • Creating and/or developing multiple applications and services.
  • Sharing of APIs through various businesses and/or trusted partners.

DataSub can connect and integrate a Modern API that will seamlessly add new payment types, methods for authentication, and channels that will be essential to acquiring new customers and customer retention.

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Maximum Data Security Solutions - PCI Level 1 Compliance

We assist companies in getting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 compliance certified. Level 1 PCI compliance requires that organizations bring in an outside auditor to verify card data protection through all of the 12

requirements defined by the PCI DSS. In addition, Achieving Level 1 compliance is irrespective of the number of payment transactions a business processes, stores, or transmits.
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Custom Client/ Management Portals

Client/management portals allow you and your customers are able to communicate and have equal access to information accurately, immediately, and securely.

Development Use Cases:


Credit/Debit Card Processing for ISO/MSP Gateways

Custom solutions for visa/mastercard merchant service providers and end-users (merchants).


Cross-Service API Integrations

DataSub can integrate products from various service providers, including but not limited to: Stripe, Paypal, SecurePay, mPOS, Apple and Google Pay as well as other payment gateways


Online Subscription-Based Management Services (SaaS)


E-checks and ACH transactions (e-checks, digital checks)

With e-check processing and ACH solutions, we can provide our clients with new payment method options. Implementing these options can increase sales, reduce costs, and minimize processing delays for your business.

We are experts in:

Rapid Application Scalability
Cloud and Hybrid Architecture Development
Reliability and Resiliency
Fintech Startups. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
High-Quality Coding Standards
Automated Quality Assurance (unit, Integration, Regression Tests)
Payment Gateway Integrations
Defensive Cybersecurity
Continuous Integration / Continuous Development Process Delivery
Ethereum Blockchain DeFi Solutions
Cryptocurrency Gateway Integration
PCI Compliant Solutions

Payment Gateways:

Fintech and API Development Services by DataSub

DataSub’s Fintech project experience includes risk management and B2B development, Fintech tools for payroll, P2P lending, wealth management, and many more. With more than 7 years of Fintech experience, our specialists can provide your business with any Fintech software development services to help you get ahead and stay there.

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