Сustom Web Portal Development

Сustom Web Portal Development

A custom web portal can increase sales, improve customer service, and streamline content distribution.

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DataSub builds custom admin and client web portal solutions. Our expert development team can create the right solution for your business which can help manage workflows, facilitate collaboration, and provide customized tools to promote business growth irrespective of size.

Today, businesses can leverage custom web portals to incorporate numerous back-end applications into a distinct point of access. In addition, web portals can be accessed on almost any internet-ready device such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Moreover, web portals can provide significant improvement for businesses including; increased online presence, enhanced support for customer queries and communication, promotion of goods and services, and increased security protocols.

Сustom Web Portal Development

Web Portal Types:


B2C Portals

B2C portals are generally used in e-commerce businesses in order to provide customers with a positive shopping experience. Design, development integration with payment gateways, ERPs, and CRMs.


B2B Portals

Generally, B2B portals include buyer portals, supplier portals, and independent marketplaces that facilitate bringing multiple buyers and suppliers together. Branded portal design for e-commerce and more.


Ecommerce Portals

DrupalCommerce, WooCommerce. PCI DSS and GDPR Security Standardsю


Community Portals

Allows businesses to get feedback from clients and customers about products and/or services. In addition, community portals can provide brand promotions and visibility.


Customer/Client Portals

Provides business customers and/or clients with a single unique access point to log in, view, and edit sensitive information, specific to the customer and/or client including invoices, orders, and order status, as well as online payments.


E-Learning Portals

Provide a digital platform for learning and/or educational instruction, such as an effective replacement for in-person training for employees.


Employee Portals

Also referred to as intranet or enterprise portals, and offers a secure website where businesses can exchange information and ideas on a secure platform.


Membership Portals

Designed for members of a particular organization. In addition, these portals may include analytics, bulletin boards, data, email, and web applications.


Partner Portals

These portals offer tools for managing partner connections for selling products or services and are primarily aimed at businesses that sell through indirect sales channels.


Service Portals

This portal platform provides the gathering of information from different sources to facilitate user self-help and self-service.

DataSub also provides integration with online services and multi-level document management systems, including Documentdb, MongoDB, and access rights management through AWS Cognito.

We are experts in Javascript Frameworks:

DataSub React

Reactjs combined with all of its accompanying libraries is a framework suited for web apps at virtually any scale. Such as small libraries for small apps or complex frameworks for massive solutions. React development features include:

  • Development of Complex Apps.
  • Simplicity in building large, multi-page applications.
  • Structured and straightforward products.
DataSub Next JS

Next.js was created as an add-on enhancement to React for easy-to-use framework development. Next.js features include:

  • Static export support, pre-rendering, automatic build size optimization, faster developer compilation, and preview mode.
  • All the necessary functionality to create a ready-to-go application, with excellent documentation.
DataSub Angular JS

Angular.js is another popular JavaScript framework, which is built for mobile and desktop-based apps. Angular.js is a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework that has been updated annually every year for the last decade. Angular.js frameworks are used in:

  • Carefully crafted expert products.
  • Simple, highly reliable projects.
  • Best suited for building single-page applications.

For projects with lower budgets, DataSub recommends using cost-effective portals built on WordPress. The advantage of using WordPress portals is a large number of available plugins which provide out-of-the-box portals for virtually any functionality

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