10 Advantages of Using Datasub's Startup Expert Development Team

DataSub Startups Cost-Effective Rapid MVP Development


Cost-Effective Rapid MVP Development

DataSub offers cost-effective solutions for minimum viable product development (MVP). MVP is a critical step that provides startup founders with the validation of their idea and market potential. DataSub realizes that MVPs must be developed quickly and efficiently. DataSub’s focus on efficiency and fast development does not compromise its high standards for architectural solutions and quality assurance.

We make it possible to bring MVP to life quickly and execute quick modifications as necessary in accordance with the MVP’s requirements, functionality, and founder’s vision!

DataSub Startups Enthusiastic Development Team


Enthusiastic Development Team

Our development team is particularly enthusiastic about working with startup projects. Building innovative Startup products creates a highly productive environment that results in breakthrough discoveries and includes utilizing cutting-edge technologies in a new way. The Startup development industry has a lengthy track record of attracting the most talented developers because of the possibilities and challenges it provides for developers.

Startup development includes the application of new approaches and learning new ways of solving problems which in itself is a highly rewarding process that greatly boosts team enthusiasm!

Cost effective rapid MVP development
Strategic startup consulting


Strategic Startup Consulting

During our Startup consulting, we provide our clients with all possible options and scenarios to clearly identify the type of solutions our clients are trying to deliver to end-users. In addition, during your strategic startup consulting with DataSub, we will discuss the project vision particularities, identify and overcome roadblocks, and outline a strategy for success while remaining close to the founder's vision.

DataSub will help you avoid costly long-term mistakes during the initial project onboarding stages!

DataSub Startups Modern Architectural Solutions


Modern Architectural Solutions

Although new product development is exciting, it requires a robust and scalable architecture design. The architecture design is addressed on multiple platforms including cloud and hybrid infrastructure, tech stack, databases, and storage. The design must also factor in current and long-term performance and scalability.

Modern architectural solutions
Newest cloud services


Newest Cloud Services

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, we stay current with continuing education for AWS technology. This allows us to stay on the cutting-edge and provide our clients with all available options while taking into account the stability and security of the new technology.

Secure Solutions


Secure Solutions

Cybersecurity threats are always a top priority for our clients. From system architecture to vulnerability testing our cyber defense team of Linux administrators are focused on ensuring the highest industry standards for application security. Our development team has experience in all levels of PCI compliance, which allows DataSub to offer various levels of solutions depending on your particular requirements.

We provide PCI-compliant solutions for all levels of cybersecurity defense!

Secure solutions
Flexibility Throughout the Development Process


Flexibility Throughout the Development Process

The DataSub team understands that a Startup’s vision involves modifications during development. As the prototype evolves throughout the development stages, the original idea may change and be adjusted to work for its intended purpose. The DataSub team are experts in modifications and can exceed expectations even in the most demanding dynamic project environment.

We strive to achieve our client’s complete satisfaction and deliver better results than originally expected!

Continuous Development


Continuous Development

Startup development is an ongoing process of maintaining a stable “production” version under real use conditions, while simultaneously working on the next release and thoroughly testing new features with end-users in mind.

DataSub employs established and proven continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes that allow us to deliver code changes with greater frequency and reliability. In addition, to automated code deployments, we also include automated tests which ensure reliability.

DataSub also offers continuous development as well as timely support and maintenance!

Continuous development
Flexibility during the development process


Stress Testing and Future-Proof Solutions

Generally, during the project stage, the possibility of rapid growth is discussed. We provide backend stress testing to simulate situations of theoretical maximum throughput capacity in order to find what load levels may cause backend APIs to start experiencing issues. Once the capacity limit is identified, we discuss all possible solutions for improving capacity limits with our clients. As developers, we experience professional satisfaction watching our products perform well under heavy use.

Our experience of working with Fintech startups helped us in achieving the highest standards in performance and scalability!

Experienced Team of Specialists


Experienced Team of Specialists

One of the primary drivers of our team's enthusiasm is the reward of overcoming challenges and solving complex tasks. Every time our development team solves a major problem it becomes a new tool in our toolbox. After thousands of successful  tasks, our developers are not phased by any technical challenges that may be  required for a particular project.  

We are ready to take on your project’s technological challenge no matter its complexity!

Fearless “ninja” team of experts

Custom Product and Software Development Focused on Startup Company Success

DataSub provides full support at each stage of product development: prototyping, MVP, and product scaling.

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