Exclusive Shopify Solutions Include:

Speed and user experience optimization

Speed and user experience optimization

Get rid of?
Are you currently experiencing:

Feeling overwhelmed by features and improvements?

Low conversions?

Slow page load?

Want to know how to rapidly grow your Shopify conversions, sales, and increase your average order?

Request our free report “10 steps to Improve Shopify Sales and Average Order Value” today.

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DataSub Migrations from other platforms

Migrations from other platforms

Do you have a store but dissappointed with its performance, stability, and low conversions?

Is your store is limited by its features and outdated software modification?

DataSub can seamlessly migrate your store to Shopify, without altering any functionality, existing design, or data. The transfer to Shopify is instant with zero downtime and no interruption of your business.

Migrations from other platforms
Custom Apps with unique features and functionality

Custom Apps with Unique Features and Functionality

Can’t find the app with the features you're looking for?

We can provide you with not only theme modifications, but also develop and integrate custom admin side functionality not currently available from Shopify or its app store. Custom Shopify apps are often the best solution for incorporating additional online services for your store.

DataSub Public Apps

Public Apps

Have an innovative idea thousands of merchants can benefit from?

Our team can develop a custom app for you and run all comprehensive tests prior to a public release. We will also provide support for all Shopify requirements as well as Shopify’s approval process.

Public Apps
DataSub New store development and rebuild of existing stores

New Store Development or Rebuild of Existing Stores

Ready to add an online e-commerce store channel for your business?

We will guide you through the entire process starting from the idea, and all the way to a successful launch as well as continued support post launch.

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We also offer free consultations and trial services. 

Our free consultation includes exploring potential growth directions and a plan of action including substantial improvements for page speed as well as user experience.

Request our free report “10 Steps to Improve Shopify ​​Sales Conversion Rate” to get started

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