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Client concerns when choosing a developer

Today we'll analyze some additional concerns of business owners when it comes to developers

  • Business Owner Concern: "What if I pay for an application or website which will be handed off to me that I won't even understand?" or "What if after a short time the application or website does not work as promised?". DataSub's primary goal is to deliver value and high-quality work to our clients. In addition, we stay in close contact with our clients every step of the way to ensure that project requirements and tasks are timely delivered as promised. During the development stage, projects are checked in the following order:By one of our developers, then our testers, followed by a project manager, and finally by the client.
  • Business Owner Concern: "I'm afraid that I'll not have any control of work progress, and the project manager will only promise to clarify the answers to my questions". Our developers track a project's progress at every stage and can explain to clients what work is being done and how it is done. Generally, we also have a project manager responsible for maintaining complete communication between our clients and the team.
  • Business Owner Concern: "I'm afraid that the developer will take too long in response to my feedback". Initially, we send our clients a brief presentation of the team working on their project. If a client desires to make a change, they can get in touch with us right away. We are incredibly responsive to client feedback and concerns. However, when working with a freelancer, there is no guarantee that they will provide feedback quickly.