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Clients` frequent concerns

DataSub's long-term experience suggests that business owners have their own questions during a process of building long-term partnerships with us

Usually one specialist is either a good developer, a good tester, or a good marketer. You will get one decent specialist for the cost of the work that you pay him/her. You will have to look for a specialist for each stage of work. If you work with an agency then you get at once the ENTIRE team of diverse specialists needed by your project and company.

If your project is led by one person he/she can get sick, go on vacation, refer to family circumstances - this leads to missing the project’s deadlines and work’s halt. If you work with an agency then this option is excluded.

Teamwork on your project is the transparency of each employee's work because the result of the work is seen not only by customers as a finished product but also by colleagues.

There is a risk of bumping into a slacker freelancer. That is why you need to carefully examine a portfolio and reviews about his/her work. There is no guarantee of high-quality work. It is much easier to choose an agency that will fulfill your task. After all there are ratings, industry leaders as well as customer reviews and other necessary information which is easy to find on the Internet.

We can provide post-project development of new updates of your product which means we are interested in doing our job well and continuing the cooperation afterwards.