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DataSub Communication, Collaborative Teamwork, and Work Principles

Flexibility Through Team Collaboration

Flexibility is one of the primary advantages of working with DataSub compared to other competitors. Within 14-30 days of the initial communication, DataSub will build and integrate processes designed for the convenience of both parties. As a result, it is easier to incorporate any modifications to the work plan.

Delivery Manager

Initially, clients will be contacted by a Delivery Manager, one of the leaders of the project development team. The Delivery Manager will handle task prioritization, deliverables schedule, assisting with the client’s overall project objectives, backlog management, as well as creating and maintaining the project’s roadmap.


One of our goals is to facilitate accessible and responsive communication with our clients. DataSub offers a variety of industry-standard tools which can be incorporated as part of the communication process, which includes: Jira, Slack, Trello, Zoom, and, if necessary, cloud call recording.


DataSub strives to fulfill each project’s objectives as close to the client’s vision as possible. We take the initiative to find an optimal solution for every project, considering each project’s specifications, business or industry, and budget.