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DataSub company goals for 2022

Our growth areas for the year:

  1. Shopify: We are growing as a partner with Shopify PLUS. In addition, we're also getting further into app development for the Shopify AppStore. As a result, one of our main priorities is to develop Shopify applications for marketing analytics and advertising management. Through apps on the Shopify AppStore, we also plan to regularly offer services for completing, overhauling, and marketing stores.
  2. Artificial Intelligence/Neural Networks: More of our projects require Python development to analyse big data of web user behavior stored in Clickhouse databases.
  3. Amazon Cloud Web Services (AWS): Continued growth with AWS partnership program + continued client business migration to Amazon cloud.
  4. Expansion of client acquisition through Upwork: Our first year of working on Upwork yielded great results, and we will be putting more effort here. DataSub plans on expanding its team into lead generation, sales, and customer service.
  5. Expanding the DataSub development team: Currently, DataSub is actively hiring interns trained as junior developers under the guidance of our more experienced employees.
  6. Brand new DataSub website: We are currently working on releasing a new version of our website to provide current and prospective clients with more information and more frequent updates.