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Developing technologies in fintech

Fintech in practice: how Datasub began developing technologies for online banking

Since it was founded, Datasub has helped clients integrate new payment acceptance methods and corresponding gateways. Adding to traditional payment methods such as Visa/Mastercard, alternatives include Echecks, digital checks, Apple and Google Pay.

In addition, Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) began to be integrated with more projects. AWS allowed DataSub to provide more efficient approaches to scaling, including high-load transactional systems.

DataSub's expertise in cloud solutions, online, and traditional retail commerce, enabled them to work with FinTech clients. One of them is Seamless Pay - an online service startup that integrates all types of payment services.

Another FinTech startup was https://www.seamlesschex.com/. SeamlessChex is an electronic bank check processing platform that provides customers with a full range of related services.

As a result of Datasub's experience and expertise in Fintech, we can provide our clients with instant payment processing using scalable and cloud services reliably.

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