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  • From independent consultant to CEO of an international IT company

From independent consultant to CEO of an international IT company

Alex Shortov is the executive director of DataSub and an expert in many areas of web development with over 20 years of experience working with IT companies in the United States.

Alex's IT career began in the US in 2001, where he started as a web developer and was quickly promoted as an e-commerce director for a prominent etailer.

Alex founded Datasub in 2008 and began working as an independent consultant in e-commerce. Shortly after that, Alex organized and recruited a small team of specialists who were well versed in many web development tasks. Over the years, the small group of employees grew into a more extensive and more diverse team with expert qualifications in areas such as front-end and back-end development, mobile application development, web design, cloud infrastructure architecture, system administration, cybersecurity, manual and automated testing, support as well as customer service.

Today, as part of the DataSub's offerings, Alex provides strategic consulting services and comprehensive planning for project architecture and infrastructure, in addition to being the team coordinator.

Datasub is a customer-oriented company focused on creating long-term relationships with its clients. Alex's goal is to help clients move past negative experiences with their previous web developers and help them move forward in growing their business and maintaining long-term relationships. Many DataSub's clients have worked with them for more than ten years.