Data Subsystems, Inc. Designs, Performs Landing Page Optimization and Integrates Pixfizz Photo Books Online Service

We are providing numerous publishing services and having an informative and robust web site for us is a must

Blue Marble Press gains online recognition with a help of new web site created by Data Subsystems, Inc. The new user-friendly and seo-friendly web site presents all the services that the company provides. The web site also offers visitors a free book writing guide and Create Photo Books Online service by Pixfizz. The main page of the web site serves as the landing page of search engine marketing campaign carried out by Data Subsystems landing page optimization group to promote it online.

May 7, 2010 -- Blue Marble Press gains online recognition with a help of new web site landing page optimization group to promote it online.

"We are providing numerous publishing services and having an informative and robust web site for us is a must" says the founder of Blue Marbles Press Henry S Beers. "Web site represents our ability to provide high quality publishing end-to-end services and help our customers to create, publish, market and sell their books. Now we are closer to our customers than ever before".

Data Subsystems used a customized Wordpress engine with professionally created design to develop the web site. The company used modern Adobe Flash (R) technology to create a virtual guide that welcomes new visitors on the web site. All the content from the old web site was imported to the new one. Plus some seo-optimized text was added to improve the web site listings in the search engine results, including the Success Stories and Testimonials sections. Reviews by Dr. William F. Cummings, Anne B. Jones and other famous authors show the experience that the company has in the publishing business. All the important information is just one click away from the visitor. One of the new services that became popular among the visitors is the Pixfizz Create Photo Books Online. This service is now integrated into the website and allows you to create your personal photo books, calendars, canvases, greeting cards and even ceramic tiles using your own creative ideas and then professionals at Blue Marble Books turn your fantasy into reality.

SEM360 a web marketing division of Data Subsystems carried out a search engine marketing campaign for Blue Marble Press, directing highly targeted paid traffic to the web site landing page. The company used the main page of the web site as a landing one for the search engine marketing campaign. Several landing pages with different layouts were created and tested to find the one with highest conversion rate. The most optimized landing page was used as the main page of new web site. Visitors that are interested in publishing services and search for relevant keywords on Google are redirected to where they can leave an inquiry on the landing page and get contacted by Blue Marble Press sales representative. The new web site and web marketing campaign helped Blue Marble Press increase sales and company recognition on the Internet.

About Data Subsystems, Inc.:
Data Subsystems, Inc. is a software and web development company based in Tampa, Florida. The company has a vast experience in ecommerce, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The company specializes on business software, ecommerce solutions and information web sites. The combination of professional management and skilled developers make this company stand out above the rest.

About Blue Marble Press:
Blue Marble Press is a Publish on Demand Company headquartered in Macon, Georgia. It is a group of professional editors, designers and graphic artists with over 70 years of experience that offer end-to-end services for book publishing. For more information visit the company’s web site at

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