Musclemartonline, Inc. has rebranded to

We expect to continue to grow. We have developed a timetable for the development of to improve its functionality and optimization.

Musclemartonline, Inc. has changed the domain to expand their product selection to the consumer. Data Subsystems, Inc will be the development force behind the new brand.

Musclemartonline,Inc., owner of, America's One Stop Nutrition Shop!, has announced that they have rebranded their site to With new products being added daily, Musclemartonline, Inc. has decided to broaden their product selection to offer customers more than just sports nutrition products. Jerry Price, a registered agent for Musclemartonline, Inc, explains that "we want to offer our customers more selection and product diversity. We are adding all types of beauty products, fitness strollers, and various accessories to help us branch out beyond sports nutrition. With a name like we can leverage our position in the sports nutrition industry to sell other product lines."

After purchasing last month, Musclemartonline, Inc. began deeper market research into their customer base and learned that there were many products they did not carry that were in high demand by their customers. "Part of our efforts to improve the overall shopping experience is to rebrand our site and that all starts with a unique powerful name," states Mr. Price. Furthermore, as we continue to network with vendors we want to be able to offer everything possible to our customers. We don't want to be limited only to sports nutrition." Musclemartonline, Inc. is proud of the business they have built with but is ready to take the site to the next level. While they intend to keep the name, all traffic will be redirected to They will next work on a powerful new logo and upgraded features on the site that will better serve the consumer.

Musclemartonline, Inc. works closely with Data Subsystems, Inc., a full service Information Technology (IT) company that specializes in complete integrated business solutions including Warehouse Management Systems, E-Commerce Solutions and Points of Sale. They are active in all levels of development and optimization for Data Subsystems, Inc. is not only on working to redesign the site's but also is creating custom software solutions for operations and logistics. Data Subsystems, Inc. CEO and President Alex Shortov commented that "We expect to continue to grow. We have developed a timetable for the development of to improve its functionality and optimization." More information on Data Subsystems, Inc. can be found online at

Musclemartonline, Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC and is a full service web fulfillment company for and They work closely with numerous manufacturers and distributors to access thousands of popular products. With expert web consultants and buyers, Musclemartonline, Inc. is able to stay at the forefront of the sports nutrition industry and beyond.

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