Muscle Mart Inc is releasing Nitric Combustion™ - Innovative Sports Nutrition Product Marketed

Data Subsytems, Inc. is dedicated to a successful marketing campaign with MMI.  We will be fully involved in creating online promotions, advertising and point of sale material.

Nitric Combustion™ Blasts on the Sports Nutrition Scene. Muscle Mart Inc, will be releasing Nitric Combustion™, the latest in pre-workout supplementation innovation. It is already on backorder in gyms across the southeast Nitric Combustion ™ contains a variety of ingredients that promote a strong sustained "pump" and help muscle recover and grow. Quality ingredients include Waximaize, Creatine, Arginine, Beta-Alananie, Geranium and Rhodolia. MMI consults with Data Subsytems, Inc. for marketing and branding.

May 5, 2010 -- Already on backorder at popular gyms and nutrition retailers throughout the southeast, Nitric Combustion™, the latest innovative Nitric Oxide (NO) pre-workout supplement by Muscle Mart Inc. (MMI), will be unleashed in coming weeks announced company representative Jordan L. Behlman. Instead of trying to make a fast buck by mimicing old formulas, MMI set out to improve the standard of pre-workout supplementation by creating a quality product that the whole company supports. Nitric Combustion has been sampled throughout North Carolina with ample pre-orders already being placed with the company. It will be available across the nation in Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry flavors with Watermelon and Grape to follow.

Nitric Combustion™ is perfectly formulated to address each and every need of your muscles before and during your workout to maximize you pump. It contains 3g per serving of Creatine and Arginine to produce the most potent pump without the bloat of most creatines. Waximaize and Beta-Alananine are integral parts of the formulation and help to sustain the pump throughout your workout and prevent lactic acid buildup in the muscles. Nitric Combustion™ contains plenty of Caffeine and Evodiamine to keep you full of energy and and Geranium maintain a positive "feel good" state of mind for maximum focus. Mr. Behlman explains "we even included Rhodolia, a powerful anti-oxidant that is perfect for reducing muscle stress, and plenty of Branch-Chain Amino Acids to promote recovery during your workout. Nitric Combution™ is a complete formula that tackels everything you are up against in the gym."

MMI is waging a serious online campaign to promote Nitric Combustion™ and is consulting with Data Subsytems, Inc., a full service software company that offers complete integrated business solutions including Warehouse Management Systems, E-Commerce Solutions and Points of Sale. They will be promoting the brand through blogs, forums, online advertising and other advertising mediums. Data Subsytems, Inc. will develop software for the inventory management system to create efficient warehousing and distribution. CEO Alex Shortov commented that "Data Subsytems, Inc. is dedicated to a successful marketing campaign with MMI. We will be fully involved in creating online promotions, advertising and point of sale material."

MMI was established in 2009 and is on the cutting edge of sports nutrition. Numerous other supplements from protein to fat burners are currently in development right now to help diversify the MMI line. Be on the lookout for new product articles, promos and releases.

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