SINGER22 'Gives Back' to Facebook Fans With Special Sweepstakes

We believe that Facebook is a great way to build a community around our website. So far, we have 47250 fans and growing. The sweepstakes is our way to give back to our loyal Facebook fans.

SINGER22 announces the latest in web marketing with the launch of new software by Data Subsystems, Inc. The top fashion and fashion info website has improved their Facebook channel with the addition of unique feature designed to give back to their Facebook fans and encourage interaction with the website. This innovative concept integrates the consumer use of Facebook, the most popular social media network, with the, website for contest entries. The automated system offers resolution in a truly unique method for a website, giving an all-in-one solution for website and Facebook.

The philosophy of SINGER22 to ensure that they ‘give back’ has been accomplished with this incredible software enhancement. The new seamless process offers everything that today’s Facebook member is looking for: easy access, automatic entry into a drawing and a list of winners. This software addresses the often problematic situation of marketing a social media page in the very best method.

The customer is offered an option of entry to a drawing when they add the SINGER22 Facebook page as part of their ‘like’ social media. The new software is capable of entering the applicant into the contest and then automatically generating random winners. The winners are notified and posted on the SINGER22 Facebook page. The addition of the software has increased the SINGER22 Facebook fan base. As part of their give back program, SINGER22 has returned the gesture to their loyal fan base with the real dollar awards. As of April 18th 2012, SINGER22 has awarded $26,550 in gift cards to the sweepstake’s participants: $23,350 in $25 gift cards, $2,700 in $100 gift cards and one $500 gift card.

"We believe that Facebook is a great way to build a community around our website. So far, we have 47,250 fans and growing. The sweepstakes is our way to give back to our loyal Facebook fans."
- Jon Singer, CEO SINGER22

"Sweepstakes winners receive a store credit code that is used to help people make their dream items more affordable. The store credit codes that are delivered by email can easily be used in the check-out process."
-Alex Shortov, CEO, Data Subsystems, Inc. is a top website for everything fashion. Beyond cutting edge, SINGER22 is known as ‘the’ company offering not only the hottest trends, but also the edgy fashion info that its followers are looking for. SINGER22 is renowned for its innovative marketing approaches that go beyond the status quo and achieve a level of excellence for its customers. The fashion industry is in constant flux, changing minute-by-minute and SINGER22 keeps pace through with its focus on flexibility, the latest in technology and a consistent customer centric attitude.

About SINGER22:
SINGER22 is one of the fashion industry’s leading retailers featuring the latest in both men’s and women’s contemporary clothing, shoes and accessories. Its success as a top Internet fashion destination is due to its innovative vision. The site carries hundreds of brands including Halston Heritage, Riviera Club, Winter Kate, Rogue, Alice & Olivia, Steven Alan, J Brand, LnA and many worn by today’s celebrities. The customer base looks to SINGER22 to bring them the latest fashions of their favorite icons such as Beyonce, Zac Efron, Megan Fox, Brad Pitt, Nicole Richie, David Beckham, Vanessa Hudgens, Ryan Gosling, Ashley Tisdale, Paris Hilton, Jude Law, Kim Kardashian, and Angelina Jolie, to name a few. Husband and wife team of Jon and Alicia Singer started SINGER22; they opened their first store in Great Neck, NY and soon after complemented their brick-and-mortar site with their online web presence of Within a year the second store opened in East Hills, NY and their success is certain to bring about more brick-and-mortar retail stores for the future.

About Data Subsystems, Inc.
Data Subsystems, Inc. is a web development and marketing company based in Tampa, Florida. The combination of professional management, skilled developers and in-depth web and marketing knowledge gives the company the edge that elevates them above the rest.

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